Pokemon Revolution based on Pokemon. You can create your trainers, battle with other trainers and catch pokemons. There is also a lot more stuff you can do.
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 Riley Flareheart

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New Trainer
New Trainer

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PostSubject: Riley Flareheart   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:03 am

Name: Riley Flareheart
-Nickname: [Optional]
Age: 10
Date of Birth: 22nd February
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Gender: Male
Guild: Dragonic Wrath Guild

Has shoulder lenght White hair and blue eyes. He wears a black Jacket and White tank top underneath. He wears black Jeans and Black Trainers

Riley thinks very strategically in battle but outside people may consider him somewhat stupid as he can make huge mistakes. He is normally rather happy but is easily angered.

Rank Information:
Rank: New Trainer
Home Town: Pallet Town
Pallet Town

History and RP Sample:
Riley didnt have a very interesting childhood until he was about 8 years old. He was camping with his Parents but got lost along the path. He searched frantically for them but he couldnt find them. Eventually he stumbled upon an injured Gible. He picked it up but suddenly an Ursaring emerged from behind a group of trees and attacked. Suddenly the Gible lept out of Rileys arms and Attacked the Ursaring.

Since then Riley and Gible have been best Friends. After that he decided to learn to become a trainer he studied all aspects of pokemon for 6 years and eventually decided that he was ready to leave home with Gible on an Adventure.

Rp Sample:
''Go Gible use Dragon rage'' Gible fired blue Flames from its mouth
sourrounding the enemy and doing some damage. The attack did the same
damage as before and left The Spearow critically injured
''Now finish with Dragon Rage one more time'' Gible fire Blue flames for the third time and this time made Spearow faint

Pokemon Information:

Pokemon: Gible
-Nickname: N/A
Type: Dragon/Ground
Moves: Tackle; Sand Attack
Level: 5 [Right Now 6]
Personality: Riley's Gible is very impatient and always wants to fight
Riley met Gible when he went camping with his parents when he was 8. He found it injured in a forest clearing. when he picked it up an Ursaring attacked. Suddenly Gible lept out of Rileys arms and used Tackle. It knocked the Ursaring over and it fled. It followed Riley home so he decided to start training it. He trained it by having it Tackle trees and kick up dirt to develop Tackle and sand Attack. When Riley finished his studys at 14 he went to see Professer oak. He asked if he wanted a pokemon but Riley said he only wanted a pokeball. He used it on Gible who was caught inside the ball

Pokemon Captured in Rp

Pokemon: Rattata
-Nickname: Scar
Type: Normal
Moves: Growl, Scratch, Quick Attack
Level: 5
Personality: Rattata liked to eat and it is his favorite activity. He often steals food. When he is in battle and it looks like he is losing, he usually runs away.
History: Rattata was born near Pallet Town. At first he grew and stole food other Pokemons and Humans. One day when he tried to steal food he was beaten by Gible and capture by Riley.

Pokemon: Castform
-Nickname: Cloud
Type: Normal
Moves: Tackle
Level: 5
Castform is a very playful pokemon. It dosent like fighting very much
but it will if it has to. It may not like fighting but it has a strong
sense of Justice

Pokemon: Ralts
-Nickname: Psyche
Gender: Male
Type: Psychic
Moves: Growl; Psychic
Level: 5
Personality: Ralts is a Bold yet Stuid Pokemon. It can rush in headfirst without thinking and come out worse than the enemy

Pokemon: Duskull
-Nickname: Midnight
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost
Moves: Leer, Night Shade, Disable
Level: 6
Duskull is a mischivious pokemon who likes playing tricks on his
teammates. In double battles however he can work almost in sync with
His partner. He enjoys zapping Riley with Disable

Pokemon: Cyndaquil
-Nickname: Smokespark
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Moves: Tackle, Growl
Level: 5
Cyndaquil is a very timid pokemon and is scared of battling becaus it
is still young. It will however get excited if it uses a fire type
attack and sometimes overdoes it

[Pokemon: Gible lvl 5; Rattata lvl 4; Castform lvl 5; Ralts lvl 5; Duskull lvl 5; Cyndaquil lvl 5]

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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

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Location : Scanning the Forum

PostSubject: Re: Riley Flareheart   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:16 am

[b]Name[/b]: [First and last name of your Character.]
-Nickname: [Optional]
[b]Age:[/b] [Make an appropriate age for the Rank. There isn't likely a 10-year-old member of Elite 4]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b] [You only need to provide a month and a day.]
[b]Chinese Zodiac Sign:[/b] [Can be found on your trusted sites, such as google, etc.]
[b]Gender:[/b] [Male or Female]
[b]Clan:[/b] [Name of the Clan - this only applies if you would like to create a character already in clan]

[Be as descriptive as possible. A picture works, but provide a written example, too.]

[Be as descriptive as possible. Tell us how your Character ticks mentally and emotionally.]

[size=18][b][u]Rank Information[/u]:[/b][/size]
[b]Rank:[/b] [New Trainer, Advanced Trainer, Expert Trainer etc.  The administration suggests that users create a New Trainer.]
[b]Home Town:[/b] [In what town you were born]
[b]Starting Town:[/b] [From where do you want to start your journey. When you are Advanced Trainer you don't need to start from your home town.]

[size=18][b][u]History and RP Sample[/u]:[/b][/size]
[Provide a detailed History of your Character. BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. Dividing the History into Arcs will help the Mods and Admins tremendously.]

[b]Rp Sample:[/b]
[Provide an RP Example of your skills. A link may be provided to a topic. The higher the Rank of the Character translates to a longer length of RP Sample. Prove your skills as an RPer.]

[size=18][b][u]Pokemon Information[/u]:[/b][/size]

[Use some common sense while typing all your pokemon. A new trainer couldn't have 6 pokemon and all level 100]

[b]Pokemon:[/b] [What Kind of Pokemon.]
-Nickname: [What You Call Him/Her/It. This is optional]
[b]Type:[/b] [What type your pokemon is]
[b]Moves:[/b] [Use some site to check what kind of moves do pokemon have at special level and then insert them here.]
[b]Level: [/b][1-100]
[b]Personality: [/b] [How does your pokemon acts. This doesn't need to be as long as your trainer personality.]
[b]History:[/b] [How did you catch your pokemon, how did you train him, what kind of events happened with your pokemon. Type it here, remember the higher and rarer the pokemon the longer must history be]

Copy the code so you can make your application more neater.

If you are new trainer I suggest you to change your age to 10 because learning 2 moves in 6 years is pretty ... lame.

If you would like you can create yourself looks with the flash below.
http://hapuriainen.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-trainer-dress-up-125433419 [This is just a suggestion to make your application better]

Your Sodiac Sign should be Pisces.
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New Trainer
New Trainer

Posts : 90
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PostSubject: Re: Riley Flareheart   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:31 am

sorry im having trouble uploading a picture can i keep it as it is
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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

Posts : 414
Join date : 2010-02-12
Location : Scanning the Forum

PostSubject: Re: Riley Flareheart   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:38 am

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PostSubject: Re: Riley Flareheart   

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Riley Flareheart
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