Pokemon Revolution based on Pokemon. You can create your trainers, battle with other trainers and catch pokemons. There is also a lot more stuff you can do.
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 Melodie Yanara

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PostSubject: Melodie Yanara   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:39 am

Name: Melodie Yanara
- Nickname: Yana
Age: 14
Date of Birth: 17th December
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Guild: N/A


Has brown, tied up hair and purple eyes, has nothing special like: Juwelry and Make-Up.
She wairs a black, white - and purple uniform with black shoes and white socks on it.

Melodie is a calm person, she can get irritated very fast, but she can be really friendly too. Melodie doesn't have any interrest in other persons, she would just mind her own buisnis like always. On the other hand, in the past her character was different, Melodie was always shy and didn't know how to reply on things, she even blocked her heart, wich means, she doesn't want to get involved with love. Her favorite colors are red, white and black. Melodie doesn't like very much things, the only things she's really good at is: ''Drawing, Sport and Cooking'' She dislikes criminals and organizations. Melodie likes to take care of Pokémon, she has a better and kinder heart for them.

Rank Information:
Rank: New Trainer
Home Town: Viridian City
Starting Town: Viridian City

History and RP Sample:
Melodie was just an normal, shy girl when she started her live in Kanto. Not be able to make any friends because of her character, she was alone all day long. Her parents had to work very hard and didn't have time for her either. The only thing Melodie wanted, was someone to play with. When she turned seven, she decided to change her character, altough it was kind of hard. Melodie didn't need friends anymore and parents where taboo too. It was time for a new life, that's what she decided. Melodie didn't need anyone to take care of her, but, ever since she got a little sister, she had to take care of her all day long. Still, her parents where in a hurry, everyday. Her little sister was also called: ''Ami'' She wanted to be like Melodie when she grew up, a cool girl. But Melodie didn't even want to change her character when she was little, but she had no choice of her own, she had to, she hated all that shyness.

Later on, when she turned twelve and walked in Viridian Forest, something weird was going to happen. Melodie wasn't very bright about it, but then she saw a weird creature come up to her. A bird who didn't fly quite well. The bird flew into her arms and didn't want to move, his left wing was hurt. A group of Spearow landed on tree's and looked at the girl with the bird they where trying to get out of there territory, they decided to get away from the bird, for now. Melodie took the bird home and her father said: ''That's a Swablu, take care of it...Cool and Spicy, Yana!'' Then Melodie began to sweat, she didn't have any choice of it was for her dad, the Swablu was trusted to her. Melodie tried her best to cure his wing. Then, a couple of day's later, the Swablu was as good as healed. the Swablu was so happy that Melodie helped her and tried to fly again. It didn't work the first time after all, but it did get better and better. Melodie cheered him on, then later that day, the Swablu didn't want to get back to Viridian Forest. It wanted to be with Melodie a little longer, wich means forever. But, Melodie really wanted to know wich Pokémon attacked Swablu. It was better to leave that thought behind, what she did. This was the first time that Melodie ever had a friend, and she didn't need to care of her little sister Ami anymore, that's quite a relieve. Now, Melodie would be able to start her long waited adventure.

Rp Sample:
Melodie saw how happilly Swablu flew in the air, maybe the time has come to train his moves? That's what Melodie thought. ''Swablu, time for some action, we are going to start you're training today!'' She said with a loud voice. Then, her father came out of the house, ''Melodie, you're mother and I are going on a date today, do you want to take care of Ami?'' Melodie sighed, ''Don't I do always?'' She said when she focused on Swablu's movements. ''Awww!!! Cool and Spicy, Yana!!'' Her father yelled and he goes in the house again. ''*Sweatdrop* Uhm, well...'' Melodie didn't want to talk about it anymore. Then she saw a little Oddish, it looked around a little, but when he saw the Swablu, it schoked and used a Absorb. Swablu looked up, it sounded like a attack. Fast he dodge the green light from Oddish's Absorb. Now, Swablu began to get angry, it used it's Peck on the wild Oddish. Oddish was hit and then he fled immediately. It was a huge mistake to attack Swablu. Swablu smiled and Melodie looked patient at her Pokémon. ''Swablu....'' Then she sighed, ''Well done,'' Swablu smiled full happiness and decided to give Melodie an hug. ''Alright....thats enough,'' Melodie said and let go of Swablu again. Then she remembered, ''Ah! I have to take care of Ami, again!''

Pokemon Information:
Pokemon: Swablu
- Nickname: N/A
Type: Flying & Normal
Moves: Peck, Growl, Astonish
Level: 5
Personality: Swablu is calm but friendly, he likes to make new friends, he dislikes humans - and Pokémon who attack suddenly, even if they have a reason or not. Swablu hates Spearow and other kind of bird Pokémon. He only trusts Melodie, his friends and the Pokémon in her team.
Swablu was born in a family full Swablu and Altaria. They where always on a journey, they traveld from regio to regio. When they arrived in Viridian Forest, in the Kanto Regio, Swablu was arrogant and left his group without permission. He wanted to find friends in this forest, but when it got dark, he didn't know where his group was anymore, so he searched for a calm place for the night. Then, a group Spearow attacked him. It wasn't the right place to sleep, Swablu found out, it wasn't his territory. So, the Spearow kept attacking the Swablu, when one of them wounded his wing. Swablu could not fly very well and didn't look out because of the pain. Then, he flew right into the arms of a girl. He was too tired to look up and fell asleep. Later on, when he woke up, he saw the girl clearly. She was trying to take care of him, and gave all she got to cure his wing. The two became friends very fast, that's what Swablu wanted, a friend, but, he didn't know that a human became his friend, it was special for him. Finally, when the day came that he could fly again, he refused to search for his family, he wanted to stay with this girl, named Melodie.

Pokemon Captured in Rp

Pokemon: Nidoran ♀
-Nickname: N/A
Type: Poison
Moves: Growl, Scratch
Level: 6
Personality: Nidoran is very strong willed pokemon. Although he is little he want's to be the best and fights till he can't stand up anymore. Nidoran holds a Grudge against Melodie's Swablu and that is why he is determined to beat it. He holds grudge against everyone who has beaten him. He will follow Melodi's commands and Melodi's only because he thinks that if he works under her he is able to become strong.
History: Nidoran was born near Viridian City. His Father and Mother were both captured by pokemon poachers when he was young and he needed to grow up himself. When he was little older he started fighting with other pokemons. He mostly wanted to become strong because he wanted to save his mother and father but after some time that dream was gone and he just became a pokemon bully. One Day after chasing after Rattata a girl named Melodi used Swablu to beat him and captured Nidoran. After that he started holding grudge against swablu and wanted to beat him but remained with Melodi, he was captured after all..

Pokemon: Jigglypuff
-Nickname: Pink
Type: Normal
Moves: Sing; Defense Curl
Level: 5
Personality: Jigglypuff is very friendly. She doesn't like to battle but she loves to sing and mostly wins by singing her opponents to sleep. She is attached to Melodie who was the first Being in the world who ever clapped on her song.
History: Igglypuff was born near Pewter City. Soon after she evolved into Jigglypuff. She had happy childhood but when she learned Sing she started to like it so much that she almost always sang, putting all around her to sleep. That made her little sad but she started to sing to everyone, to find a Pokemon that would listen to her. One day one person actually listened to her and clapped on her singing. That made Jigglypuff happy and she decided to become Melodie's pokemon.

Pokemon: Castform
-Nickname: Weather
Type: Normal
Moves: Tackle
Level: 5
Weather is a calm and friendly Pokémon, he likes to fight and only
takes commands from Melodie, altough he can disobey sometimes, because
he wasn't really caught by her. Weather can be gentle if you get to
know him very well, so he can be friends with any Pokémon very easy.
History: Unknown

Pokemon: Larvitar
-Nickname: N/A
Type: Rock/Ground
Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm
Level: 5
Personality: Larvitar is a Pokémon who keeps himself quiet, he doesn't say very much but that doesn't mean that he don't want to battle. Larvitar's best way to feel great, is to battle, he want's to be one of the best at his team and doesn't like the other Pokémon very much.
History: Unknown

[Pokemon: Swablu lvl 6; Nidoran ♀ lvl 6; Jigglypuff lvl 5; Castform lvl 5]
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PostSubject: Re: Melodie Yanara   Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:05 am

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Melodie Yanara
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