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 Shinshiro Reimei

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PostSubject: Shinshiro Reimei   Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:44 am

Name: Shinshiro Reimei
-Nickname: "Shin"; "The White One" "Psychic"
Age: 10
Date of Birth: 19th February
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Guild: Reimei Shrine [Not specially a Guild but a special shrine where Shinshiro was born]

Shinshiro Reimei stands about 5 feet tall. He has slender body build with white skin. The first and probably most noticeable thing about Shin is his very long white hair. The hair also has some light blue color in. He has light Green Eyes which glow a little. He wears long Light Blue colored scar which is wrapped near his shoulders. He wears black sleeveless shirt and above it white small jacket with green lines that reaches down to his chest. He also has part of his sleeve attached to his left arm but there isn't one on right. He wears a brown belt with little bag with the real feather of Articuno attached to it. He also wears his pokeballs on his belts [behind]. He also wears tight black gloves which are pretty long. He also wears white pants with green lines. He wears black boots, just like all other clothes those have green stripes aswell. Because of his special psychic and aura abilities, when Shinshiro get's exited he might sometimes start glowing little white. Although people might often confuse him as a female, in fact he is still a male.


Shinshiro Reimei is very calm person. You might even call him the calm himself. Shin never get's angry and he doesn't like violence between other humans. He loves all humans very much and believes that every single one of them has a reason for living. He also loves all other pokemon, no matter their power, size, looks or personality. Because of his loving nature he has gained a name from his shire, "The White One". There is also another reason for that. Because of his psychic and aura abilities, he starts glowing white when he is exited or tries his hardest. He has pretty strong psychic abilities. He is able to Teleport short distances and levitate things. He has pretty much the same powers as some psychic pokemon and thus is someone referred as "Psychic". He has very good sensing abilities and can feel all life, hatred, kindness around him.

Shinshiro is very attached to his Pokemon. He always tries his best to take care of them, that means he also tries to keep them as beautiful as possible. Shin is very much suited to become a Coordinator but he likes to be a Pokemon Trainer better. He also takes very much care about his appearance, specially the hair because in his Shrine it is believed that the longer and beautiful your hair, the kinder your are. Shin is very picky about his pokemon and almost never catches one. He only picks those pokemons who are very good and pure hearted. He also likes strong willed pokemon, or those who seem interesting in any other way. Shin doesn't know how to speak with people so every time he says something to them he thinks very much before opening his mouth. He also speaks very slowly and quietly. He always makes little pause before finishing the sentence [Example: "I am Shinshiro Reim-ei"; "Hello it is pleasure to meet y-ou."]. Shinshiro stays away from evil people just by instinct and thus only some people can start a conversation with him.

Shinshiro likes calm places, specially those near some kind of lake or another body of water. Shinshiro is very intelligent Pokemon Trainer and knows almost everything about Pokemon. He doesn't carry a big bag like most of the trainers does. He likes to get his things from Nature and that is why he only has a small bag. Usually gloomy and dreamer type boy becomes little happier when having a Pokemon Spar with another person, specially with those who he knows pretty well. Those are mostly good people.

Rank Information:
Rank: New Trainer
Home Town: He was born high in the mountains and also grew up there.
Starting Town: Cinnabar Island

History and RP Sample:
~Birth Arc [1-3]
10 years ago, a special boy was born high up in the mountains, in a Pokemon Shrine. It was a cold winter day, 19th February. It was pretty cold outside but the useful Fire Pokemon in the shrine kept the place warm so everything went smoothly. It was a duty of Father to give the boy a name, father named him "Shinshiro" because of his white skin and hopefully pure soul. His mother was mostly the one who took care of him because Shinshiro's father worked all day, helping out the pokemon. His father was truly a kind and nice man, but so was his mother. Both of his parents loved him. She couldn't do much, still being a baby and all but he was also able to spend a lot of time with Pokemon in the shrine.

~Childhood [3-10]
When Shinshiro was 3 years old his Psychic powers started to show as he was able to bend and levitate things. His Father and Mother were really proud over him, because everyone in the Shrine were psychics but Shin's powers became earlier. Although Shin didn't know much about that stuff he still started training his Psychic powers, not because he wanted to become one or anything, it was just to amuse himself. When Shin was only 5 years old he was already pretty intelligent and knew a lot about pokemon. He was able to read quite hard books and had pretty big vocabulary. People in the Shrine often called him a genius. His life was pretty normal, he spent a lot of time with his family and also made some friends child friends in the shrine.

At that age Shin also started to take care of his appearance and during that time his father also presented him a Feebas. Shinshiro knew who Feebas would evolve into and started taking care of him. Shinshiro was very happy and almost every day he said Thank You to his father, like that about 1 week in the row. He didn't read that many books anymore but he started working with Pokemon a lot more. When Shin was 8 years old he also started helping out his Father a lot. It was hard to live in mountains and during his life Shin became pretty strong, although his body isn't muscular. When Shin was only 1 month away becoming 10 years old his Feebas evolved into Milotic. Shin was very happy about that incident.

~New Trainer
When Shinshiro was 10 years old he knew what would happen. Every time someone in the Shrine got 10 years old they had to leave the Mountains and go explore the World of Pokemon. Shinshiro went on his journey quite willingly. The first place he visited was Cinnabar Island. From there he got himself 6 Pokeballs and it was the first time he placed his Feebas ... Milotic into Pokeball.
[Will continue in Role Play]

Rp Sample:
[You can pretty much see my Role Playing skill from my application. You can wait 1 or 2 paragraph posts for me.]

Pokemon Information:

Pokemon: Milotic
-Nickname: "Beauty"
Gender: Female
Type: Water
Moves: Water Gun; Wrap; Water Sport; Refresh
Level: 10
Personality: Milotic is very kind and smart Pokemon. She doesn't like to have dangerous battles with higher level Wild Pokemons but she sure loves Spars against Gym Leader and other Trainers. Milotic is very attached to his trainer Shinshiro and is willing to do anything for him. He often wants to play with his master. Milotic likes to be beautiful and often asks Shinshiro to take care of him.
History: When Shin was 5 years old his father also presented him a Feebas. Shinshiro knew who Feebas would evolve into and started taking care of him. Shinshiro was very happy and almost every day he said Thank You to his father, like that about 1 week in the row. He payed much attention to Feebas and when he wasn't helping his father he was playing with Feevas or taking care or him. When Shin was only 1 month away becoming 10 years old his Feebas evolved into Milotic. Shin was very happy about that incident.

Pokemon Captured in Rp

Pokemon: Vulpix
Type: Fire
Moves: Ember; Tail Whip
Level: 6
Personality: Vulpix is very good and friendly Pokemon. She likes to play with her master and master's pokemons. She also likes sparring and is very agile so she can dodge opponent's attacks pretty easily. Although she is Shinshiro's new Pokemon she is very attached to him, specially his hair. She likes to play around with it. Vulpix's loves new places and is pretty active pokemon.
History: Vulpix was born as a daughter of NineTails family. She was loves by both of her parents and when Vulpix got old enough she left the home with one main purpose, to see beautiful places. She wanted to get off from Cannabar Island but couldn't because it was surrounded by Sea. One day he met a boy Shinshiro who capture her.

Pokemon: Ralts
-Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Type: Psychic
Moves: Growl; Shadow Ball [TM]
Level: 5
Personality: Ralts is very good pokemon. He can't stand negative feelings and when bad people are around he quickly asks to be placed inside Pokeball. Normally Ralts likes to be outside, specially with Shinshiro because he is very good person and thus he follows every one of his commands. Ralts can also get along with other Pokemon aswell but just like Shinshiro he likes to be in calm places alone.
It was a bright sunny day. Shinshiro was in a very good mood when he spotted a Ralts. They had a long conversation and then later Ralts wanted to be his pokemon. Shinshiro agreed because he was very friendly. Later he and shinshiro met a Psychic pokemon trainer who showed them how to do Shadow Ball and that is how Ralts learned how to do Shadowball.

Pokemon: Sableye
-Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Type: Dark/Ghost
Moves: Scratch; Leer; Foresight; Fire Punch; Icy Wind; Signal Beam; Fury Cutter
Level: 9
Personality: Sableye had decided to follow Shinshiro because of the Trainer's powers. Sableye is very power hungry pokemon and his most favorite thing is battling. When Shinshiro is about to start a battle he always comes out from his pokeball and offers himself as a right pokemon. Sableye doesn't get a long with other Pokemon and is always by himself. He sometimes doesn't follow Master's commands and when he thinks that using some move is good idea he just does it. He likes to eat. After his training with Shinshiro Sableye has became more trustful with the boy.
Sableye was born in Cinnabar Island. When he was still a child he ate a lot and soon went to live inside a cave until one stormy day a Pokemon Trainer named Shinshiro looked cover in the cave. Sableye attacked him but was captured and from that day he decided to be Shinshiro's pokemon
because he showed enough power.

Pokemon: Duskull
-Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost
Moves: Leer; Night Shade
Level: 5
Personality: Duskull is very friendly Ghost Type pokemon, though he likes to play tricks on Shinshiro and his pokemon often he means no harm and does it mostly to gain more attention. While fighting it follows every Shinshiro's command.
History: -

Pokemon: Rotom
-Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Type: Electricity/Ghost
Moves: Trick: Astonish; Thunder Wave; ThunderShock: Confuse Ray
Level: 5
Personality: Rotom is a free going pokemon and dislikes battling. He will do it if his master commands it though. He hates to be in pokeball and only stays there in the hardest of circumstance. Pokemon is scared of people expect Shinshiro and thus he always keeps close to him.
History: -

[Pokemon: Milotic lvl 10; Vulpix lvl 6; Ralts lvl 5; Sableye lvl 9; Duskull lvl 5; Rotom lvl 5]
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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

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PostSubject: Re: Shinshiro Reimei   Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:22 pm

Interesting Character. Normally I would say something about the Rp-Sample and about you Pokemon History but since your Role Playing skill is pretty high I am going to let is go and give is [A]pproved.

I will be also watching how do you use your Psychic abilities so don't overuse them to become an OP Trainer.


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Shinshiro Reimei
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