Pokemon Revolution based on Pokemon. You can create your trainers, battle with other trainers and catch pokemons. There is also a lot more stuff you can do.
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 Cepeda Fudo

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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Cepeda Fudo   Fri Feb 19, 2010 7:13 pm

Name: Cepeda Fudo
Age: 18
Date of Birth: August 3rd
Chinese Zodiac Sign:Monkey
Gender: Male
Guild: [Name of the Clan - this only applies if you would like to create a character already in clan]

Looks:Cepeda Fudo, the white haired ripped young male. Cepeda has a hidden red streak on the inside of his hair. It becomes visible whenever he runs or a heavy gust of wind hits him. Cepeda usually wears a blue jacket with a white lining on it. Cepeda wears black gloves to imitate riolu. Cepeda has a tattoo of a purple dragon hidden on his shoulder which isn't shown unless he takes his shirt off when weight lifting.
Personality:Cepeda is a fighting type/Fire type specialist, he has a fiery nautre and his is fairly tough. Cepeda works out a lot and is fairly ripped. Cepeda gains his fiery nature from cooking in which he gets pumped up over the smallest things like a grease fire. He is also big and tough because of weightlifting and a little bit of boxing. Cepeda resembles Riolu and Chimchar as they both are his best friends.

Rank Information:
Rank:Gym Leader
Home Town:Twinleaf
Starting Town:Pallet Town

History and RP Sample:
Cepeda Fudo is a semi-new gym leader. Cepeda's first pokemon was a riolu which he got from his father who was a real bodybuilder. Cepeda's mother is a chef and she is a fire pokemon specialist who has many fire type pokemon. Cepeda's hometown of twinleaf town is a town in which his family is greatly respect and honored as his father and his father's pokemon are champion weightlifters, and his mother is a world famous chef. Cepeda however is a mixture of both. Cepeda has a passion for cooking and strength-building. Cepeda has been training for a long time to become a gym leader. But however he wants to go to new regions to explore but he wants to challenge the people in Kanto to see how legendary the place really is. Cepeda became a gym leader when the prvious gym leader died from a heart attack. It was a giant tournamenfor people with fightig type pokemon. Cepeda entered riolu and they ended up winning. Cepeda is considered the strongest in town. Cepeda hasn't yet been beat at his gym but he is lucky for a challenger who is well challenging.
Rp Sample:
Cepeda and riolu enter the grassy area as he hears something in the grass ruffling. "You here that riolu, we got company." Riolu pumps itself up (not the actual move) as suddenly a mankey hops above them. "Riolu, lets do this." The mankey lands down as riolu hops in front of mankey as cepeda then points to the mankey. "All right Riolu, Double Kick." Riolu hops in the air as it then kickes the mankey once in the leg as the mankey starts to fall riolu then kicks it again as it flies in the air the mankey recovers and bounces off a tree. The mankey then runs up to riolu as it uses furry swipes on riolu. "Riolu, get out the way and then uses quick attack." Riolu hops back as it then dashes toward mankey then shoulder rushes it. "All right Riolu lets finish this AURA SPHERE!." Riolu charges up an blue sphere as it then launches it toward the mankey as it hits the mankey then is launched as it looks knocked out. "OK POKEBALL GO!" Cepeda then throws a pokeball at the mankey as it then summons it inside. The ball shakes over and over as suddenly it stops. "All right, I caught a mankey."

Pokemon Information:

[Use some common sense while typing all your pokemon. A new trainer couldn't have 6 pokemon and all level 100]

-Nickname: [What You Call Him/Her/It. This is optional]
Type: Fighting
Moves:Force Palm, Iron tail, Aura sphere, Quick attack
Personality:Riolu is almost exactly like Cepeda, they both get pumped up in fights and have fiery natures.
History: [How did you catch your pokemon, how did you train him, what kind of events happened with your pokemon. Type it here, remember the higher and rarer the pokemon the longer must history be]
Cepeda didn't exactly catch riolu but hatched it from a egg given to him by his father. The egg was recieved by his dad winning a weightlifting competion. Riolu and Cepeda are pretty much inseperable and Cepeda rarely puts it into its pokeball. Cepeda and Riolu train pretty much everyday, they train by sparring, cepeda and riolu practicce fighting and cepeda might imitate moves like bullet seed (eating pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and spitting them at him), rock throw (picking up rocks and throwing them), bubble (blowing bubbles at him). Riolu learned aura sphere by mediating immensly at night as he is one of the only riolu's with aura sphere.

Moves;ember scartch,leer,taunt
Personality:Chimcar is a very aggrevise and forceful pokemon. Chimchar isn't afraid to let the fire out on its opponets.
History:Chimchar was caught right outside twinleaf town. Cepeda caught it by riolu forcepalming it (more like facepalming it haha BURN) Chimchar however escaped the pokeball a total of 6 times. It had to be parylazed first in order to catch it. Chimchar has been trained by eating spicy foods.

Gym Region:Kanto

Location:Saffron City

[b]Gym Type:Fire/Fighting

[b]Gym Rules:Dobule Battle till someone is left for one pokemon then the rest is single battle

[b]Gym Looks:Cepeda's gym looks like a giant weight room mixed with a kitchen. It is painted on the sides as one half is like a gym with lucario and infernape lifting weights. and the other half is lucario messing up a dish and infernape laughing at him while cooking another dish. Cepeda will make adjustments when he captures more pokemon. Cepeda and fellow children in the town are the ones who paint the gym. The kids that help are part of his cooking class.


[b]Pokemon Captured in Rp


Pokemon: Mankey
-Nickname: -
Type: Fighting
Moves: Covet; Scratch; Low Kick; Leer; Focus Energy; Fury Swipes
Level: 10
Personality: Mankey is a true champion. He doesn't like to give up and likes to fight with other Fighting Type Pokemon. He thinks that coward Pokemon only use Long Range moves and thus he will never use them. He trains all day long to become the best fighting type pokemon.
History: Mankey was born near Saffron City. His father and mother were both Primeape and pretty strong. When Mankey was still a child he also liked to pick fights with other pokemon. One day he picked a fight with wrong one and gained long scar that runs down from his left eye. After that he started training but one day was captured by saffron City gym leader Cepeda and now decides to follow him.

[Pokemon: Riolu lvl 15; Chimchar lvl 9; Mankey lvl 10]

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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

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PostSubject: Re: Cepeda Fudo   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:52 am

[b]Gym Region:[/b] [In what Region is your gym located. Only Kanto is available right now]

Location:[/b] [Where is your gym located. The available cities are
Celadon City, Cerulean City, Fuchsia City, Pewter City,  Saffron City,
Vermilion City, Viridian City]

[b]Gym Type:[/b] [What type of
pokemons you train in your Gym. I suggest you not to take any type that
has already taken in your Region]

[b]Gym Rules:[/b] [What are
the rules of your gym like is it a Tag Battle or 6 on 6 pokemon battle
etc. You can change the rules later]

[b]Gym Looks:[/b] [What does it look from outside and from inside. Be as descriptive as possible]

Badge:[/b] [If possible use Gym Badge from Anime that somewhat
represents your Pokemon Type. If you really want you can also create
your own badge]

Add this to your application. Also write more to personality and how did you become a Gym Leader in Kanto Region. If you also want to make Fighting Type Gym I suggest you to add some high psychical abilities to your character.


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Gym Leader
Gym Leader

Posts : 127
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PostSubject: Re: Cepeda Fudo   Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:19 am

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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

Posts : 414
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PostSubject: Re: Cepeda Fudo   Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:27 am



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PostSubject: Re: Cepeda Fudo   

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Cepeda Fudo
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