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 Training Time

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PostSubject: Training Time   Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:58 am

~Training Fire Punch [200 words]; Icy Wind [200 Words]; Signal Beam [250 Words]; Fury Cutter [200 words]. Total 850 Words needed.

It was a nice an calm day on Cinnabar Island. Shinshiro's Milotic, Vulpix and Ralts were playing peacefully but Shinshiro seemed down. The Boy was resting his back against a tree, sitting. He was holding a Pokeball in his hand, a pokeball that contained Sableye who didn't get along with anyone and only thing he wanted to do was battle. 'I wonder what should I do with you. If I let you go you might cause harm to others.' Shinshiro looked into sky and calmly started thinking. He was pretty down and his Milotic noticed it but didn't do anything about it. After 30 minutes of aimlessly staring the sky he finally came to a decision. 'I am going to train Sableye so he would like me.'

After that though Shinshiro smiled a little and stood up. "My Friends, Please Return to your Poke-balls." Reimei took Milotic's, Vulpix's and Ralts' pokeball and returned all of them inside. He then placed all of them back on his belt and then took Sableye's pokeball to his hand. He released Sableye from his pokeball. Sableye furiously looked around to find an opponent but couldn't. Shinshiro calmly watched the pokemon and said. "Stop Th-is. I am going to train you so you would be-come strong-er." Sableye looked at Shinshiro and seemed to calm down. Suddenly he got all exited and wanted the training to begin.

Shin smiled a little. 'Maybe it was a good idea after all.' Shinshiro calmly started thinking about what kind of move to teach Sableye and after some time of carefully thinking he finally got one. "Alright, The first move I am going to teach you is Icy W-ind." Sableye nodded and that meant that the Pokemon didn't know about the move. Shinshiro nodded as well. "Good, Let's go by the sea then. I think it is better to train there." Sableye nodded and started jogging on spot. "Alright, let's jog to the sea then." Both of them started jogging towards the sea, although it seemed like they were running.

After reaching the sea Shinshiro and Sableye both inspected the area. It was very nice, the sea was blue and the sun made it sparkle. The land was covered with soft grass and there were no trees around them. Volcane was visible from the spot very clearly. After inspecting was done Shinshiro calmly started explaining how to preform the technique. "Alright, for you the Icy Wind comes out from your mo-uth, so try to breath as cold air as you c-an. Also try to make it fierce and strong, basic-ally that is Icy W-ind." Sableye nodded and seemed pretty ready. He gathered some air to his lungs and then exhaled by his mouth very strongly. It was good for the first try but not good enough. "One More T-ime." Sableye nodded and went to another try. After about a hour or two Sableye had learned the technique and water before them was frozen pretty hardly. Shinshiro smiled a little and said "Con-gra-tu-lations Sableye, You have learned Icy W-ind." Sableye was happy and pretty tired but he had pretty much fun with Shinshiro and smiled a little.

"Alright Sableye, the next move we are going to learn is Signal Beam." Shinshiro sat down and proceeded with explanations. "Signal Beam deals damage and has a small chance of confusing the opponent. The move should look li-ke A pink, light blue, and yellow ball should form between your hand and you release a beam of the same color that is blasted at the foe." Sableye thought that his masters explanations were pretty vague but he tried to give his all to become stronger. A pink, light blue and yellow ball started to form between Sableye's hands but it quickly backfired. Shinshiro wanted to go and help him but the pokemon quickly got up and gave it another try. After a lot of time practicing Sableye learned Signal Beam aswell and it was getting little dark already.

Shinshiro smiled a little and congratulated his pokemon again. "Since the day is going to end soon we only have time for 1 more mo-ve which is fire punch. Focus all your heat to your hands, like make it burn and then punch." Once again Sableye nodded and did like his master told him. It didn't work out for about 10 times but at Sableye's 12th try he started to get a hang on it. After about 1 hour or so Sableye had learned that move aswell and it was very dark outside. "Alright Sableye, good work, as a reward I let you sleep outside the pokeball today." Sableye seemed happy and both of them went to sleep.

At the next day Sableye begged for Shinshiro to teach him one more move and the boy couldn't refuse. It was useful to himself aswell anyways so once again he started teaching the pokemon. "This time I am going to use Fury Cutter to you. It is much more advanced form of scratch so I hope you can learn it easily." Sableye nodded and calmly heard Shinshiro's explanations. "You must just rapidly and quickly scratch your opponent but put more power and accuracy behind you attacks." Sableye nodded and went to one tree. He started scratching it with incredible rate. Soon, Sableye had cutten down the tree with only scratch but it had improved so much that he had learned Fury Cutter. "Wow Sableye, you are so good." complimented Shin his pokemon. He then returned Sableye back to it's pokeball. 'Good thing that I learned a lot while being in the shrine.'

Word Count: 933
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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

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PostSubject: Re: Training Time   Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:05 am


Don't use these moves in your match with Cepeda. You can start using them once you start a new topic.

Also Sableye got level 9; Added moves on your application.


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Training Time
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