Pokemon Revolution based on Pokemon. You can create your trainers, battle with other trainers and catch pokemons. There is also a lot more stuff you can do.
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 Vampira (DONE)

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PostSubject: Vampira (DONE)   Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:01 am

Name: Vampira

Type: Fire and Dragon Type

Description: Vampira is a good natured Pokemon. If you get on its bad side, however, it can usually have a mild temper. Vampira can be any level 1-100. No more than level 100.

(You don't want an amazingly powerful pokemon. That pokemon would be Mewtwo. I'd say he's at least about level 400, since he's the toughest one ever!)


Vampira is green if it's a boy, and pink if it's a girl. (Just a little bit of detail.)
Also, Vampira is about thirty feet tall. Its tail is about five feet long.

Lives: In the winter and fall when it starts to get really cold, Vampira lives in a volcano. No specifically just one volcano. Whichever one is the most comfortable, I guess. In the summer and spring when it heats up a bit, Vampira likes to live in the sky with its friends Raquaza, Giratina, and Deoxys.

Moves: Vampira can use these moves, of course, as it gains levels:

Ball of Flame
Blast Burn
Blaze Kick
Blue Fire
Cross Flame
Fire Blast
Fire Dance
Fire Fang
Fire Oath
Fire Punch
Fire Spin
Flame Burst
Flame Wheel
Flare Blitz
Heat Stamp
Heat Wave
Lava Plume
Magma Storm
Nitro Charge
Sacred Fire

Rarity: Vampira is very rare. It can be found only near the Indigo Plateau, if you're lucky. Vampira is not as rare as Mewtwo or the other legendaries, but it comes pretty close, perhaps even a tie. It all depends on who you ask!
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Vampira (DONE)
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