Pokemon Revolution based on Pokemon. You can create your trainers, battle with other trainers and catch pokemons. There is also a lot more stuff you can do.
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PostSubject: Rabee Sing   Rabee Sing Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 7:10 am

Name: Rabee Sing
Age: 10
Date of Birth: March 3
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Gender: Male
Guild: none

Rabee is a young boy with ice blue eyes and black hair. He is 4’4” and has a slender body with slight muscle tone. His hair has never been allowed to grow to his waist, and is in a low pony tail. His face can only be described as cute, so he keeps the lower half wrapped in a light blue scarf. His outfit is a little odd, it is made from a white fabric that imitates inch thick fur. His shirt and pants are form fitting and flair at the wrists and ankles. A pair of black gloves covers his hands, and a matching pair of black hiking boots. He has belt wrapped around his waist that has a small pack on each side. A hat Last is a light blue backpack with the pokémon league symbol on it. Inside is a normal pair of blue jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt with “Cos-Play 4 Life” on it.

Rabee is normally a happy-go-lucky kid, don’t let that fool you, say the wrong thing to him and he goes from happy to sad to angry faster than you can say pokémon evolution. Rabee is a bit bipolar and rather insecure. He hides it as well as he can but sometimes it is obvious. He avoids getting to close to people and keeps inside his costume near all the time. He does his best to keep covered, he hates not having something covering his skin because he spent so much time playing in costumes his parents made.

Rank Information: New Coordinator
Home Town: Viridian City
Starting Town: Pallet

History and RP Sample:
[Age 0-8] Rabee was born into a small family, a mom Mary Sing, a dad Lou Sing, and a big sister Luna Sing. They were ecstatic when little Rabee was born. The years passed slowly a in Pallet, Rabee took to his studies rather well. His parents had money to splurge on their kids thanks to their business. Costume Makers, they got several orders for custom made outfits and no one could beat them for realism. Because of their business Rabee and Luna often did cosplay instead of asking for toys. They also modeled the outfits to help bring in customers. Though after receiving several request the family put out a calendar featuring them all in costumes, it was a hit. Then around age eight Rabee took interest in pokémon training, more specifically coordinating.
[Age 8-9] After that Rabee began to study what he would need to be coordinator, and some basic survival skills. He read about same plants to eat, how to cook, how to start a fire, read a map and use a compass. He took sewing lessons from his parents and managed to get very good for his age. He practiced surviving in the woods near pallet, and of course with wandering in the woods came the need for learning first aid. Then came the important lessons, at least that is what his parents told him. How to handle money, they drill this one into his head because there won’t always be a pokémon center nearby and the weather can be too bad to stay outside. “Money will get you food, shelter, and medicine. Without it you will get into a lot of trouble so don’t waste it.” His dad told him over and over. It was during a camping trip that he first started being insecure around people. He was foraging for some herbs so he could make soup. He decided to where a Flareon costume and he was attacked with a electric net. A poacher seeing that it was a kid and not a pokémon decided to take his frustration out by kicking Rabee. A big mistake for the poacher. Rabee’s dad always had his Pidgeot watching from above. It let out a cry and attacked the poacher with steal wing knocking him out. Soon after that Rabee’s family arrive, while Mary and Luna tended to Rabee, Lou dealt with the trainer, tying him up. After seeing the state Rabee was in, he broke the poacher’s legs as an afterthought, before dragging him roughly to the nearest police box. After that incident Rabee was more cautious around those he didn’t know.
[Age 9-10] After the poacher incident his parents felt it best he get a pokémon to keep him safe. They got Rabee a bulbasaur who he named Moss. Moss and Rabee hit it off rather well and even trained for the rest of the year. Rabee decided to quit dressing like pokémon as it caused problems but that didn’t keep him out of costume. His new one was durable, warm, and breathed easily. The training mostly consisted of running for Rabee, and moss would tag along. Rabee started off running three miles twice a day, and continued slowly increasing the distance. Along with that Rabee started lifting weights and got some boxing instructions from in town. By the end of the year, he could run ten miles without being winded, a good accomplishment for a kid, and he had a straight strong enough to double over a grown man, well a normal man. It didn’t do squat against the boxers and would only stun some of the newer members of the gym but self defense is self defense.

RP Sample: [Hope this counts]
“Hi, my name is Rabee.” He said with his hands behind his back. Rabee traced circles in the dirt with his left foot while avoiding eye contact. “I am 10 years old, and like cosplay and making costumes like my parents.” He seemed to blush a bit. Then he thrust his fist into the air, “I plan on being one of the best coordinators ever!” he yelled excitedly before a scowl came upon his face, “And I hate poachers!” he yelled. He turned to his audience, “How was that?”

Luna and Moss both had looked a little confused, “And this is for what exactly?” Luna asked looking at her little brother.

“It’s my introduction, I have to have a good one or I will embarrass myself.” He said like it should be obvious.

“Little bro, we walked around in a different costume every day for the last six years.” Luna stated give Rabee a pointed look, “We are well past embarrassment.”

“But…” he started only to be cut off.

“No but, you will figure something out I’m sure now get ready for bed.” She told him shooing him upstairs.

Pokémon Information:

Pokémon: Bulbasaur
-Nickname: Moss
Gender: Male
Type: Grass
Moves: Razor Leaf, Tackle, Vine Whip.
Level: 10

Personality: Moss dislikes his pokéball and is never in it. He is often walking in front of Rabee and is rather Protective of his trainer. Moss is untrusting of anyone he meets for the first time until Rabee is more comfortable around them.

History: Moss was soon given to Rabee after the incident with the poacher as his parents wanted him to feel safer while outside. Moss was able to easily pick up on his trainers discomfort around others and quickly became protective. Rabee decided to train Moss before setting out so they wouldn’t encounter to many difficulties. So each day they practiced the moves Moss knew increasing the power bit by bit. Every now and then they would encounter a pokémon and have a battle, It was during a battle with a Rattata that Moss learned “Vine Whip”. A month after that they encountered a friendly Bellsprout, which taught Moss “Razor Leaf”.
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Rabee Sing
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