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 Approved Dragon Type Moves

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Drake [PMR]
Drake [PMR]

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PostSubject: Approved Dragon Type Moves   Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:46 am

Quote :
Name:Dragonic Beam


Pokemon Type:Any Fully Evolved Dragon Type can lean this move. Some winged Fire Types such as Charizard can also learn this move

Learned: This move can only be learned by a Fully evolved Dragon at lv100. It also must be completely happy with its Trainer

Description: This move is a build up of Energy made by the Pokemon and fired as a Ball. This move is used slightly differently depending on the pokemon. If the pokemon has arms that it can easily move and attack with (eg Dragonite) Then the pokemon will create the Ball between its palms. If the pokemon does not have hands (eg Salamence) the Energy is formed in its mouth and is fired from there. The Ball is normally Red in colour
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Approved Dragon Type Moves
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